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The transformers are mainly used to convert one voltage to another. The process of increasing the voltage is called "stepping up", while decreasing the voltage is called "stepping down". Most electronic equipments need a transformer to lower the mains voltage to a usable level. Transformers are also found in power adaptors and battery chargers. Inverters are transformers which step-up a low voltage to a higher voltage, allowing a mains powered equipment to run on a battery. Additional circuitry is required to change the battery's direct current into alternating current. Transformers are used for electricity distribution to minimize energy loss over long distances. Higher voltages allow for lower currents, which reduces the losses caused by resistance.
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Single Phase Reactor
Reactors are common used with transducer,DC speed governor(KZC), servo systerm and switching power supply.The reactors of our factory mainly include single phase reactor,three phase reactor, smoothing..
Smoothing Reactor
Our reactors are made of grain-oriented steel material ,the power can from 1.5KVA to 630KVA,the current and inductance can produce as customer’s design.
Series Reactor
Series reactor,provides alternating current,it is often used with compensation capacitor in series . It can from a series resonance with respect to steady harmonic,which can eliminate the harmonic wav..
Three Phase Reactor
Three phase reactor can protect the capacitor against explosion and compensate the capacitance of capacitor. Reactor of reactance rated 5-7% and reactance rate 13% supplied, which has high inductance ..
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Add: No.128, Miaozai zhuang, Jiannan village, Banghu town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China
Tel: +86-020-86039861 Fax: +86-020-86038695 Email: info@chinatransformers.cn